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Defend your digital domain clouding the hacker’s view.

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Don't let cyber threats take down your business. Trust DarkCloud’s cybersecurity expertise to keep your business safe.

Who we are?

We are a team of proactive and well-prepared cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting your digital world, maintaining operational continuity, and protecting the organization's reputation.

With years of experience and a profound grasp of the latest threats, we provide security services, along with the latest solutions and approaches, to safeguard your product infrastructure against cyber attacks and evaluate the efficacy of your cybersecurity investment.


Why DarkCloud?

Our security engineers bring knowledge and skills to their work, resulting in higher-quality outputs and security services for your organization.

High-Quality Services

Our security engineers possess extensive knowledge and skills, resulting in high-quality outputs and security services. They bring in-depth experience and understanding of the cyber security industry, solving complex problems effectively and holding professional certifications.

Expert Team

Our security engineers are committed to delivering consistent and reliable results, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a high standard of work.


Our security engineers are efficient in their work due to their familiarity with best practices, tools, and techniques, leading to faster and more accurate results.


Our security engineers are efficient in their work due to their familiarity with best practices, tools, and techniques, leading to faster and more accurate results.


The DarkCloud team often introduces innovative ideas, approaches, and solutions to improve information security posture.


The collaboration of adept experts within the DarkCloud team, efficient technologies, and the utilization of approved approaches can lead to substantial, enduring cost reductions.



What we offer?

Penetration Testing Services
Managed Security Services
Information Security Management 



Thank you for your proactive approach in thwarting a potential attack, as well as your attention to detail in assessing vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures.

Mykhaylo Grynets


One of the team's key achievements this year was the successful and swift mitigation of a critical security threat that had the potential to compromise our systems.

Oleh Ozimok

Head of Engineering at Quarks

What stands out in our experience with DarkCloud is the client-centric approach, their professional expertise in ethical hacking, and the pricing had an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.

Yaroslav Morozov


DarkCloud delivered an outstanding service that went beyond our expectations. Their tailored approach, combined with their depth of expertise, makes them a top choice for any business looking to bolster their cybersecurity. 

Nick Zorin

CTO Jiji

Proactive strategies and customized solutions have been pivotal in addressing our unique security challenges. We are eager to explore further advancements in our security measures with DarkCloud specialists' continued guidance and support.

Anton Vodolazkiy



Annual Subscription Service

For projects that don’t have their own cybersecurity department

No operating costs

A cybersecurity team with profound expertise

We will fully strengthen you in information security management and security testing matters, assist you during mitigation actions and the selected security framework implementation phases. Cooperation with us will allow you to focus on your core business activities.

A Qualified Security Assistant and Trusted Partner

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